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Monday, May 12, 2008


Saturday, June 02, 2007

50th Birthday Celebration in Denver & Phoenix!

Celebrating 250 years between friends since Jr High School!

During my recent visit to my old stomping grounds in Denver Colorado, I got together with some of my favorite people from my Jr High days. We are all turning 50 this year and got together to celebrate our friendship and this milestone birthday.
From L-R: Teri P, Leanne C, Betsy B, Terri H, and me - missing is Kathy A, see below...

Betsy, Terri, Teri and I were hippy chicks together back in the day. We used to vow never to go straight. Good thing we gave up that belief. We still look great and younger than our years. Denver is the one place from my childhood that I feel I have roots - given we moved over 25 times due to my dad being in the Air Force. I still love it here and my friends who helped to form my identity and a sense of belonging somewhere.

Our birthday cake. We used to think that life ended after 30 - and we never thought we would make it much past that age. Now we have surpassed it by 20 years!

Betsy is one of my all-time best friends. She has been there for me for years. Thanks Betsy! We made the collage behind us before the birthday dinner. It was fun going back in time.

Teri and Leanne are sisters-in-law. Leanne married Teri's brother and had a family while we were out getting into mischief.

Kathy A, the comedian of the group was missing from this event. Don't let the halo around her head fool you. She is pure mischief...and lots of fun too.

Another life-long friend and fellow 50 year old is Kathy C. from Aurora, Co. We were best friends in 9th grade before I moved to Japan. From L-R Kathy, Crystal (neice), me, JD (nephew), and her son Dallas.

Celebration in Arizona

David and I went to a murder, mystery dinner in Scottsdale and I had no idea I would have competition at the meal. Trixie was drawn to David in a hot flash and then she was feeding him my birthday cake. Imagine that...

And I have the proof. Luckily, she wasn't the murderer. It was the not-so-magnificent Steve.

Here I am with my dad and step-mom. They coordinated the efforts in Arizona for my big 5-0. Oops! That's me without my make-up...don't tell anyone.

We played pin the tail on the donkey and had a pinata that wouldn't break open until we beat it on the ground. Lot's of fun.

My favorite Auntie and Mom's sister, Esther.

My favorite cousin Steve.

My favorite cousin Raul and cousin in law Gloria.

More favorite cousins, Leonard and wife Bobbie

Here I am with favorite cousins Lorene, Corina and their daughter

Favorite cousins Virginia and Yoli

It was a fun time and it doesn't feel much different being 50 than 49 except I am eligible for AARP now. Thanks for sharing my birthday pics with me.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Ringing in the new year Pasadena style!

There is nothing quite as exciting as being able to wake up on New Years day, turn on the TV to find out about the day's floats, hop in the shower and then walk 4 blocks to view the most beautiful parade ever...The Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena California.

David and I at the parade. Here is what we saw this year...

George Lucas was the Grand Marshall for the parade this year and he brought his Star Wars characters.

Bet you didn't know Star Wars had a marching band

All of the floats are made from organic materials. Such as flowers, plants, grain, seeds, spices, etc. There is nothing synthetic in any of the floats. They are intricate works of art.

The Dragons sponsored by Honda

The Octopus' Garden by Trader Joe's - they played the song with the same name from the Beatle's White Album

I am a big USC fan since moving to Southern CA

The Oakridge Boys - not looking too natural and healthy...

Michigan State marching band - I think...

The animal guy, Jack Hanna

The Rose Queen and her court

Monday, November 27, 2006

What I am Thankful for!

I had an incredible week in Arizona. My travels brought many gifts wrapped as people, nature, and experiences. There was no past or future...only the present. Thanks to everyone who was a part of this wonderful week. Here are some pics of my experience and the people that made it special.
The magic started with a 3 day retreat in Tucson with my Reiki master Barbara Van Diest. I love these get-aways as it gives me time to rejuvenate and learn from my spiritual teacher. We even designed a 3-day Reiki master training to be held in Tucson so that my future students get time with both of us in this healing environment.
Each morning started with a walk into Sabino Canyon. Some of my best A-ha moments come during these walks. God's work is present everywhere in the canyon.

Here is Hippo rock. Critters and Deer are common along the paths. Beauty is everywhere. It was a wonderful pre-lude to Thanksgiving with the family in Phoenix.

Next stop was Dad's. I took the shuttle to Phoenix where my dad and stepmom, Lynn picked me up and took me to dinner. After dinner I joined dad by singing some favorite songs from his era. He and Mom sing in their church choir and for the old folks in Sun City West. Here I am trying to hit the high notes by raising my eyebrows. It turned that dad was recording the whole thing on cassette tape. We sounded like a comedy act between the songs and jokes. It was priceless.
I joined my Dad and Lynn at church on Thanksgiving morning to hear them sing in the choir. What a treat this was. Their voices blended so beautifully that it brought tears to my eyes. Their music fills you in such a way that you know you are in the presence of God and his angels.

My Dad and Mom

Thanksgiving evening we went to my dad's, wife's, sister's, husbands, son's house for dinner. Did you follow that? This description started at church Thursday morning as my dad tried to explain to a friend where we were going for Thanksgiving.

My Stepmom, Lynn with her niece Roxanne and sister Liz. They call Liz Aunt Belle...I used to think they were saying Aunt Bill so in fun she is now my Aunt Bill.

Liz aka Aunt Bill with her step-son the Chef, Dustin.

David and me in front of the Eiffel Tower, painted by Liz's husband Jerry...the chef Dustin's dad.

Dustin and his dad, Jerry...Aunt Bill's husband...and the one who painted the Eiffel Tower.

David and Mom.

Dad and me at the Eiffel Tower.

Roxanne and Michelle admiring the Turkeys. One was baked and the other was getting prepped to be deep fried.

Dad lounging after dinner watching football and relaxing.

David and I with Chef Dustin. Watching him cook and eating his food was an incredible experience. It was a Thanksgiving that we were all excited to be a part of and will remember with the fondest of memories. Thanks Dustin...let us know where you are cooking next!

Saturday night my original mom's family came over for lasagne and karaoke. From L - R in the front favorite cousins, Steve, Gloria, Raul, and Virginia with my favorite Auntie Esther.

Auntie playing the keyboards. She turned 80 this year and is still the party girl!

Lynn with my Superman, David

My dad and I performing another duet.

Saying goodbye to Mom and Dad was not easy. They are off to sing in the choir again. I love you both very much! Thanks for making this such a special weekend!